Since my first album release in 1997, my voice was compared to Chris Cornell. I always took it as a compliment. Even when people would try to use it as an insult, I still always thought to myself, you’re comparing me to literally one of the best to ever do it. In history. Period. I always took it as a complimentary comparison. And will always take it as such. Thanks for the music Chris. Life is fleeting. Enjoy the artists who bring light into your lives. 

The most frightening thing as an artist is to put your work out into the world. The world can be a dark and cruel place where the masses lie waiting to consume and tear down the efforts of those who express themselves through the arts. But it also can be a world where individuals can be entertained, inspired, enlightened and fulfilled with open reception of an artists offerings.

I always laugh when I hear people say they are "Anti Violence.” It’s such a unintelligent thing to say. If you say you are “Anti-Violence” you are basically admitting to the fact that you are anti self preservation. If an “Anti-Violent” individual, or an individual’s infant son or daughter, was being attacked by man or beast, would they not use violence to protect themselves or their offspring? Violence is circumstantially necessary, in this existence, and possibly in any existence that we know of.

When I was younger, I made an incredible effort to see every movie that came out. It was something very important to me, because films spoke to me on a visceral level. I can't really say what it was about them that impressed me, the music, the acting, the action, the drama, the humor, etc. Or maybe it was the combination of those things that created a truly inspiring experience. It's probably why I ended up in the film business.

For most of my life, I spent it as most others do. Well, maybe not most. After realizing I had only one real "friend" in high school, I dropped out and immediately started down the path making a living as an artist. I was signed to my first major label deal at the age of 19, and did my first major studio film by the age of 21. I had set the blueprint for my existence, I was going to follow a path that I carved. I don't really believe we as humans are in control of anything per se, the only thing we really have "Control" of, is ourselves.